Thermoset History :

Thermoset moulding components originated with Dr. Leo H. Backekend’s 1907. Discovery of a technique for reacting under heat and pressure on acid & on aldehyde to form an (A) Stage synthetic resin. A caustic, crystalline acidic compound ( Phenol ) reacting under applied heat and pressure with a pungent, colorless gas ( formaldehyde ) produced a hot yellowish brown liquid when cooled, it become frangible. Solid that could be pulverized into free-flowing granular material. Combining this granular resin with fillers or reinforcements, colorcents, catalysts & lubricants resulted in “Moulding Compound” that become identified as “Phenolic Moulding Compound”.

Scope of Working :

• Thermoset ( P.F. / Backelite & DMC / BMC ) injection, compression & transfer molding suitable for switchgear, automobile, motor & alternator sector.
• Specialized in glass filled injection molding suitable for automobile sector & cotton filled for switchgear industry.
• Injection, compression & transfer moulds & fixtures manufacturing.
• Tool – Room activities like Wire – Cut, EDM, Surface Grinding, Milling, Jig boring etc.

Why Thermoset :

The cured mass exhibited mechanical, electrical, thermal & chemical properties that made it suitable for numerous industrial & commercial applications. It has easy mouldability, low cost & adaptability to mass production techniques..

Applications :

• Housing covers, Bridges, Terminal Blocks in Switchgear Industry.
• Switch Covers, Caps, Reflectors, Insulator pads, Ash trays, Valve bodies, Boosters, Pistons etc. in Automobile industry.
• Buttons, knobs of various machines.
• Application in Defence.
• Wiring Devices.